Custom Silicone Wristband Feedback

We have been selling custom wristbands online for several years and have received a ton of great feedback from satisfied customers. Here are some of the notes from customers about our products and our service:

Thanks so much, I love them, as always! Thanks for the extras you sent! You are the best! I wear your bracelets every day and give them away quite often, thanks for making them so fast! Happy Spring, Dina

we were very impressed the shipping time. it came very quickly and i appreciate it. thank you for your great service and quality! sincerly, customer

Thanks Stu. I just went and paid for these via pay pal. You are so accommodating and I appreciate you doing this for us. It's such a wonderful tribute to our son. Diane

Thank you so much for the bands. They are amazing!!!!! I was extremely impressed at how easy they were to order, how quickly they arrived and the quality. I am definitely passing your company's info on. Thank you! Christina

Again, thank you for the wonderful service, and your personal attention to my order! And, did I ever tell you how surprised I was to find both the palm tree and parrot on the wrist band? Still makes me smiles. Be well, and best wishes for a continued successful company! Paulene

Thanks for providing the bands at a reasonable price and shipping the bands quickly. The bands have been quite a motivator for this worthy cause. Thanks, Beverly

thanks alot stu your the man!!! my cousin is having a baby and he wants some of these to hand out and some to wear for family so if everyone likes them ill be doing more buisness very soon!!!

Got the bands, thanks so much for your fast turn-around. Look great as always! Christine

Thank you, we got the bands today. I appreciate your quick service. I will definitely recommend you to all that I know.

I received the bands yesterday. They look great and I appreciate you doing them so quickly. have a great day. Sincerely, Marie

As always, thank you very much. Your expedience and quality work is second to none. I'll be sure to keep referring you to my friends and will doubt, use your services in the future. -Jose'

Bands received and exactly what I wanted thank you merry Christmas

We received the bands on time and I was able to deliver them to our community center. The boys love them and are already wearing them. The quality is great as well as the service. thanks again Rich

The bands were awesome!!!!!!!!!! The same day that i picked them from the postal office I sold 8 of them. I am really pleased with the product. They were exactly as the website described. AND SUPER AFFORDABLE!! was a pleasure doing business with you.

I received them today. They are great. Thanks so much. Christina

Received the bands 12-4-06. I think you did a wonderful job and will be giving other families of soldiers your web site. Great job. Pray for our troops.

I would just like to say that I have been very happy with the service I have recede from say it bands. My band was sent to me at a fast time and got to me fairly quick. So I thank you and that is why I ordered some more from your store. Thank you again.

Great service! The team was pleased with the last bands and should be thrilled with these. W S

Thank you ever so much Stu! This has helped me out greatly in meeting my deadlines. Have a nice day and I hope to do business with you again. thanks again marti

Hi Stu, Received the wristbands this week. Thank you so much. I am happy with the outcome of it. For sure you'll hear from me again soon. Thank you. Maria

awesome, i really wish that all businesses were this helpful! thank you so much

I received our bands a few days ago and let me just say they look fantastic,Your company never ceases to amaze me.Tonight is my league's first night and I'm sure they'll be a hit yet again.When the league was getting ready to go back indoors all I was asked was "Are you gonna get the bracelets again?What color are they gonna be this year?" Thanks again, Jim

Stu, I received the order today. They look great. Thank you, Kathy


Thanks so much, the bands arrived today and they are perfect! Once again it's been a real pleasure working with you! Mike

Wanted to send a note of thanks for the awesome job you have done on all of the bracelets for us, The girls love them and so do the kids You rock the bracelets are of good quality and your service is so fast and prompt We will be ordering again real soon Thank you so much Kaylyne

I just wanted to let you know that I HAVE RECEIVED the bands and they Look GREAT! Thank You very much for your help. I will most likely be ordering more and more as they become in demand. God Bless you. -Paul

I got the wristbands today and they are perfect. I got these to remember a great friend of mine, Luke W, who recently passed away at ripe the age of 19. He was a member of the Theta Xi Fraternity and he cared so much about them. He was also very irish so these bands with his fraternity scroll number and and clovers on them will help his many friends remember him daily. thank you so much for making them at such a low cost at the same (if not better) quality then the more expensive brands. We are able to sell them for a lower price and raise even more money for the Luke Weiland Memorial Scholarship fund. Thanks again, Ashley S & Theta Xi Fraturnity

Thank you so much! The kids at school are so excited! They're using these bands as incentives for fund raisers, so I can see us ordering more in the future... Debbie

I am soo pleased with your service and how the product came out. I am looking forward to doing more business with you. As well as bringing customers to you. Thank you

I received the Bands last night! They look great!!!! Thanks so much for your help, and for the top notch quality service!. I truly did appreciate it!!!! I will certainly be recommending you to my friends, and will definitely be ordering from you soon! Take care and have a great day! Sheri

The bands arrived today and are perfect! Thanks so much for your prompt service. George

I wanted to let you know the bands arrived today. They look great!! Im sure the kids will love them. I appreciate all you have done for me. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime. Thanks again!!! Bill W.

hey stu thanx for the emails. very impressed by the fast service. keep up the good work. can't wait for the bands. hope to do more business in the futre. cheers matt

We got the bands in the mail today and they look great. Thanks again! Mrs. B.

Got them, thank they are perfect.

got the bands, they look great!! Thanks for the prompt service Matt E.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! YOU ARE SO AMAZING! Really, the bands are perfect and your handling of the matter was so professional and wonderful. You really saved the day - you got my bands printed and shipped in one day! It is so nice to know that even us who are "small potatoes" still get such great service. The bands were special gifts for a group of very special teenagers, who were so impressed! I raved about sayitbands to everyone - and I will use you again for sure! Your service was above and beyond anything I expected - I can not accurately express to you my gratitude, you have no idea! In a world that is becoming less and less service oriented, and less personal, it is so refreshing to deal with companies like yours! thank you again - oodles and oodles!

I received my order today of the power bands! I am so very pleased with how they turned out! I will definitely be ordering more now that I have seen what a great job you guys do! Thank you so much! You will be hearing from me soon with another order! Hayley N.

We have been very happy with your product. As you know the money we are raising is for a very good cause. I am also the mother of an 8 year old, and very involved in school organizations. We will definitely be using you for events in the upcoming year. Thank-you again for a great product a great price and fast shipping. Sheryl R.

The bands are great. Thank you again for the rush on the order. You are wonderful and saved the weekend. God Bless, Pat G.

I got them in today's mail they look great. Thanks!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I ordered these bands from Stu to support my niece who has cancer. These are the best looking bands that I have seen. He did everything the exact way I wanted it done. I can't express enough how much I appreciate all of the work that you put into these bands. There will DEFINITELY be more orders soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH STU!!!

Thank you soooooo much this saves me from being lynched!

I just wanted to tell and thank you again for your help and services, the bands are great and your customer service is beyond anything that I have come in contact with in a long time. Katie

Greetings, I just wanted to THANK you once again. The bands look good! L

Stuart I received the wristbands and they look great!! Thank you so much!! I will get you more business. Thanks again! Vickie J.

The bracelets came in today and look awesome! Could you send me a copy of the invoice? I need one for work to reimburse me. And thank you again for the awesome work! Cheers! e

Thank you so much for the thought and effort put into designing our "Super Snoopy" bracelets. They arrived on time and the students love them. Sincerely, Mr. T

Just wanted to say that my daughter had her team softball party and the wristbands were the hit of the party. The parents, coaches, and teammates were all impressed with the quality. Some even asked where we got them, so you may have more business coming your way. Thanks again for a quality product. Sincerely, Kyle J.

Thanks so much for the great quality and fast shipping! We’ll be ordering more very soon!!! We’ve also linked to you from our website, Thanks again!!! The G-Daddy’s

We just got the wristbands today. They look great! I'm anxious to get them out to everybody and see people wearing them around in rememberance of our friend. I'm sure we'll be back if we need bands for anything else down the road. Thanks! -Megan

I received my order today!! AWESOME SERVICE!! Thanks so much, I know our employees will love them. Mindy G.

You are fantastic. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are incredible! Thank you so much for the fast service! We will certainly let you know what we think! Thanks a million! Terri C.

We love them! Thank you so much! YOU WERE SO FAST!! I cannot believe how fast we got them! I am going to see if our school wants to order some.

Just wanted to let you know that I received an order of three personalized bands on Friday, and I’m thrilled with the end product. I may be ordering more as a remembrance item for people in my family for Christmas and if so, it’ll be your product I’m ordering…thanks again!

Thanks for the quick service. The bands look great and should definately serve their purpose.     Quintin

I made another order of 100 bands for our school. We had our dance tonight, and they sold out in 30 minutes. They were the hottest item there. Thanks for the fast service, and great attention. Consider yourself an honorary Raider. Thanks again.     Kyle J.

the second shipment of bands arrived today...the kids were overjoyed! Thank you so much for all your promptness and perfection and quick turnaround time on the orders. I will pass along your website to other PTA's for fundraisers/functions how wonderful your company is and great service. cordially,     Yvonne S., Taylor PTA

Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, I will certainly remember next time I do need to order bands with text or without in the future!     Mimi

I wanted to provide you with a bit of an insight, as I noticed on your web-site you have many testimonials. My daughter was to be married December 2nd 2006, with her first and true love of her life. They were inseparable, and so very much in love. My future son in-law was on a moped just 30Klm when he hydrolyzed over water, that caused him to now be in a coma and on life support with sever brain injury. The long version, is MARIO (my future son in-law, has pulled through as we feel is indeed a miracle!! It is two months, and he is now just off life support and breathing on his own, We will be faced with many obstacles and realistic Mario will never recover to be the person he was on his own abilities. My associate had ordered some bracelets for her daughter and sons wedding, when I noticed how they were personalized, and inquired where I would be able to get bracelets, for our friends and family to wear, to continue with the love and positive energy to keep Mario Strong and make him stronger everyday. therefore what small order of just a 100 at this time will now grow.. Mario will require nurse care, special chairs, and more in the months and years to come, that we will be starting to organize a fundraiser, and part of will be to offer the bracelets with a respected donation. Your service was not only attentive to assist me with the inscription size and suggestions, but also understanding the message Mario's Journey when there is love there is hope, that you had these ready and shipped to me all within a week. This has lifted my daughters spirits, as we wear our bracelets family friends, to continue to keep the chain of love, support always !! Thanks Stu for your excellent service!!      Brenda T.

I am very pleased with the speedy delivery, and the quality of the bands. Way better than I had expected. Thanks for the good business! Will see some again, no doubt!     Kevin

You guys are rock stars! This is my 2nd order because you are some fast on production/shipping. Know will love the product-thank a bunch!

Thanks so much for all your help and efficient production time of wristbands for my husband's battalion. They used the wristbands as a fundraiser for their unit and it was a great way for them to send something home to their loved ones. Thanks again!

Hi I am writting to tell you thanks for my order, I recevied my bracelets today and they are awesome. I wanted to order something special to kind of memorialize an event that happened in my family and to also raise knowlage about mental health funding. Anyways they look great and I will definately be ordering more in the future! thanks     Heather

Thanks for the wristbands! You did a great job. As you probably can tell, I'm into cat rescue. Also, the youth/child bands fit me much better than the adult size. I'm glad I found your website.    Cheryl

I have recieved them and am as happy as can be. Thank you so much for a great job. I hope to order more as soon as I know how quickly these go, hopefully fast. Thanks again,      Dawn

Amazing, I received the wristbands today, they are great, the kids are going to be so happy. They have been anxious to get them. Thanks again for everything.     Chris R.

hello again - I received the bands today. thanks SO much they came out really nice, can't wait to give them to my friends..thanks again..will order some more in a couple of weeks :)

Again Stu you have exceeded all expectations. You are awesome! Thanks, Bob.

Thank you for the Kilimanjaro bands! They look great. ...Your bands will inspire us to continue training for our Kilimanjaro climb. Thanks bunches    Linda and Bruce Link

Thanks a lot for the bands. They are just great.    JD

Thank you very much. We received the order today and they are excellent!     KJN

Thanks for the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and HELP!     -Paul

They look great, thanks for the rush!     Christine, Stanford Avenue School

I just want to thank you for the excellent service. I searched the internet for a couple of hours looking for the best source for a small amount of bands. Very few offered quantities less than 250, and the others that did cost far more. I coach a 5th/6th grade basketball team and wanted to get all the players a band w/o spending a lot of $. Thankfully I found your site and placed my order. The bands arrived in only 3 days. The bands look great, were inexpensive, and were shipped super fast. What else could I ask for? Thanks again for being there. You rate an A+++++     Dave/Coach, Afton/Lakeland B-ball.

I'm so glad that I found your website. The wristbands were a big hit at our class reunion. The bands are high quality and your customer service is excellent. I would recommend SayItBands to anyone. Thanks,     Kline

they look awesome thank you very much     chris m

I ordered some bands from you back at the beginning of October for some weekly poker tournaments that me and my friends have.I've been so busy, that I've forgotten to write and tell you how much everyone loves them. The winners think they're awesome and walk around wearing them all the time, and they can't stop commenting on how great the quality was. When I told them the deal you were running and how quickly I got them, they were amazed.

Received the bands..... just what I ordered! ... THANKS!

The bands look great. Thank you.    Greg S.

Wonderful job. After talking with you I had the absolute confidence in your product and service. You really took the stress off!!! We will be back most definitely. Great service, enthusiastic voice and amazing turn around it don’t get any better than that!!!! Keep up the good work. THANK YOU!!!    Annette W.

Got it! They are great...thanks so much!     Robin

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! The consultants will love them!!    Carrie

They've arrived. Many, many thanks, and happy holidays.     -- Tricia Weeks

Stuart, Got the bands....they look awesome as always. Thanks so much for all your time and effort! Thanks again and hope to do business with you again soon!     Jodi B.

Your team is awesome. I am going to feature these wrist bands on my website in the near future! Wish us luck and Happy Holidays

We did recieve the bands and they look great. Thank you for helping me get them ordered. You made the process so easy.If I need more I'll be sure to come to you.Take Care and Happy New Year!     Beth

My son and I received our order of custom wristbands today and my son is thrilled with them! They are exactly as we ordered and the shipping was very speedy. Thank you! We are using them as party favors next month at Tyler's 8th birthday party and he is so excited for his friends to see them. If asked, I will definitely refer people to your website. Thanks again!     Shelly F.

I received the bands over the weekend! They are awesome! Thank you so much!! I will recommend you to anyone I know that will need these made for any event!!! Thank you again!     Faith

Stuart, Thank you so much for all your help and working with us to get our wristbands for homecoming. They were agreat hit! We have only 100 left to sell! Everyone loves them,and they are so neat! I may be sending some other people your info on the wrist bands for a nother type of fundraiser. Thanks for all your help.      Julie G.

THANKS for your excellent service. I received the bands yesterday. I am a teacher and coach and can guarantee I will use your service in the future.     Laura S.

Thank you so much for how quickly you processed our order, I will be placing another order for 100 large red on your website tomorrow, I meant to do it today and just got busy. We appreciate your service!
Thank you!

We received the bracelets today, as you had promised, and we are very satisfied with the quality of the bracelet, the debossing of it, as well as the prompt delivery. My partners and I want to thank you again for everything and we look forward to doing more work with you and your company.      -Ehsan

Hey thanks for the email and shipment notification. I received my first order and could just kick myself for not ordering more in the beginning…that’s why the second order. Anyway, the first order made it here and the wristbands are really nice. I’m ordering them for all the young children and teens of our church to help remind them to “remember”. Anyway, we had a bunch of new people move in right after my first order and that’s why I ended up ordering a second time. I’ll probably kick myself for not making the second order larger also since as the holidays near there are always more people. But, thanks again. I’ll be sure to let people know where we got our “remember” bands…they are really nice quality and I’m very pleased with them. I’m trying to save them for Christmas but am really antsy to hand them out now!     Janet D.

The SayItBands arrived today and they are perfect! This is going to really boost the morale around our office. Thanks for such super service!      Mike L

Thanks for the bands. We'll probably look to order more. Appreciate the speed and quality!

Just wanted to let you know I just placed another order for your bands. The first ones were a huge success, and they were absolutely adorable. Thanks so much, as always, for your wonderful service, product, and professionalism.     Kathy

I received my bands today. Thanks! They are fantastic! I will let my local schools know about your site for fundraising. Thanks again!     Cynthia C.

You guys are awesome! Efficient and reliable. Placed 2 orders with you now and very very happy with the products and the service. Thanks!     Simon G.

Just a quick note to say thank you for a great job on the bands. I got them as you said and they look so good. So thanks again and it was very nice doing business with you. We will keep you in mind for the next time. Thanks,      Lisa S.

I just received the bands! They are awesome! Thank you for helping us remember a dear friend and being able to have a symbol of him with us.     RaChelle

We have received all of the wrist bands. Our administration is very pleased with the quality of the bands and the high level of customer service from your company. We are very excited about kicking off our positive behavior support plans using your product as rewards. Thank you again.     Kelly :)

Thank you-I just received the second order and the bracelets are great. Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make this work for us. Everyone is delighted with the product.     Kathleen O.

Received the bands, I believe they will be just great, Thanks so much for working with me on these. I wish everybody I dealt with cared about there customers like you do. I will let you know how they do at the fair. I am working on getting some other local schools to get there's done. hope it all works out !!     Thanks Jay

The bands were such a sucess the first time around that we had to order more. Thanks for providing a quality product and for speedy service.     -The Quest Church

I received them yesterday. Thank you for your help. They are wonderful!!

Thanks for all your follow up. I have received the bands. They are great and everyone I work with loves them. I will definitely be referring business to you. Thanks again.     Greg

The bands look absolutely wonderful! The kids are going to be thrilled. Thank you so much!     Elizabeth M.

This is one awesome company. I really appriciate what you guys have done, and I can't thank you enough. My girlfriend really really loves the say it band it is a terrific gift for any accasion. Again I thank you for your service and I look forward to doing business with you. Thanks, Brent

Wow, thank you so much! Definitely coming back for more soon! I will tell all my friends about it. Thanks again!     Deanna

Hey Stu....we received the bands and they are great..thanks for your help..Also I have referred another school to you and she may be contacting you..thanks again...     Schymani M.

Thank you, My niece is crazy about her bracelets. Everyone is delighted,Super Fast shipping and Great Quality